I am a 50+ woman, a landlord looking for a new way to do business.

I found “The Authority Formula”

It was an intensive course. But I have finished it and now am putting this new found knowledge to use, good use I hope.

Please let me know if you want to try the course. Ask any questions about my experience. I am biased. So biased I even applied to be accepted as an affiliate, but I will answer any questions as honestly as I can.

I know that you may want to know more about this course and the people teaching it. As I find videos from or about Simple Wealth, Greg Habstritt or the Authority Formula, I will put them on this site. Are you interested in seeing any? If so you can visit this site often or, so you don’t miss any; you can give me your email, and I will send you links to the videos as they become available. The email sign up page is here.

Also Please leave a comment. Let me know if you find a video interesting or informative or boring. I don’t want to waste my time providing something you don’t really want.


General Information:
I am a 50+ woman just starting her own business-actually 2nd business-I still have Real Estate. I am looking for programs to help me succeed. Programs that will increase my profits by more than the cost of the program. I have been scammed before, I want to help others avoid that.
Real Value, Real Success for small businesses everywhere.
none of my own-yet-. I do, and will  make available to you, excellent products as an afflitate.

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