Why we Have This Blog

Have Greater Success, give Greater Value
This is a web site on “Be the authority-create success”
You have to be competent in your field, but you do not have to be the best to have success.

We are connecting entrepreneurs with teachers,coaches and programs that will help small business achieve greater and greater success and provide their customers with greater and greater value. Sometimes you need just a little help to get to the next level.

We promote programs, people and newsletters that actually help you and your business.

Some of these programs are expensive, some are not. All are either

  • ones I have participated in myself, or
  • that are put on by people who I know (through their products).

For Example- Greg Habstritt who has a program called the Trusted Authority Formula. I particpated in the first version of this program, when it was called simply the Authority Formula. I cannot tell you where that program has taken me because I am still on the journey. Here are some of the stepping stones I have covered.

  • I have a web site for my core business –http://inshapeafter50.com
  • I have face book fans
  • I have found a free product, which I believe adds real value to my readers
  • I am in the process of making a product of my own.
  • I have learned about marketing on the internet
  • I have learned how to become an affiliate to sell other peoples products that I believe have value

I knew of Greg before that, when I first started investing in Real Estate he had a program in our home town, Calgary Alberta Canada called from Zero. to a Million.- I only attended the free presentation-not even the more comprehensive coaching program. The free one gave me the basic information I needed to start investing in Real Estate. I never became a Real Estate Mogul, but I have made enough from those investments that I do not have a J.O.B. and haven’t had one for many years. Where would I be today if I had signed up for the coaching? We will never know.

Earlier this year I was promoting Dan Kennedy’s Program, “Game Changer DNA”. This was a new program, so of course I had not participated in it, but my book shelf is full of Dan Kenndy’s books. And even now I have several video clips of his training posted on this site. I knew the value he would bring.

I will not promote anything unless I feel it brings you real value!

For information on the current promotion- go to the Blog page– or here for links to Greg Habstritt’s series of 3 training videos designed to tell you about him and his program “The Trusted Authority Formula”

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