The Gospel

From Eric Ludy and Bravehearted Gospel:

At 7:50 the narrator talks of the indwelling spirit.
This is where I had stopped in my Christian walk.
I would not speak the gospel.
Someone might think I was a “bible thumper”.
Something changed about 2 months ago.
Jesus gave me a 2nd chance.
I am not ashamed of the gospel. Not any longer.
It is truth. It is life.
If you are dead in sin, know the time is short.
He is coming back.
It may be tomorrow, next year, 10 years from now.
He does not tell us exactly when.
But He does tell us the season.
If I live a full life span (not get hit by a bus!)
I will see Him return.
I am part of the generation that will not pass away until all things be fulfilled.
When you see Him coming
will you be trembling in fear? or will you be rejoicing?

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