11 Tips on Choosing Your Training for Business and Personal Development-part 3-What to Do

What to Do

Tip 10- go to a live event.

Not just any live event. You have to know the presenters from books you have read, programs you have taken. Nothing can match the energy and flow of a live event. If money is tight wait until the time is right for you. There is no rush. Pick the events you are attending carefully. You need to consider price, location (you may have to fly across the country so there will be air fare and hotels and car rental). Who will be there? Not every live event gives you your monies worth. But if you have read their books, viewed their YouTube videos, participated in their webinars, and taken their on-line course and were satisfied with the value received, then you are ready to go to a live event.

Tip #11. Read the books.

Really, this is not the same as tip #1 or tip #9.
READ the books.
I have many books on my book shelf that I purchased,
but one that haunts me
it still has the shrink wrap on.
-it is 2 years old!!
My kindle has 3 different books I am in the process of reading.
This is a bad habit of mine that I am addressing. I actually have a schedule for my reading.
I often read more than one book at a time. I will read a big chunk, and set it aside, let the ideas sink in, while I am letting the ideas in the first book percolate I start a different book; or two, with the intention of coming back to the first one later.
Trouble is sometimes I forget to go back- That’s why I need the reading schedule. That’s why I promised myself only 3 books at a time. And why before I start on any more new books,
that one in the shrink wrap is coming off the shelf.
The value is IN the books, in the words written on the page.
When they sit gathering dust they do no one any good.
Perhaps Tip 11 should not have been called this read the book, maybe it should have been

Do the book.

Active reading, try the suggestions, do the exercises, make notes. As you are reading ask yourself how can I use the information in this chapter TODAY.

Bonus tip. Do not do too much at a time.

You can’t do any program or event or even book justice if you are doing too many. In reading my limit is 3 at a time; but I suspect I may have adult AD. Switching activities often is how I cope. but it only works if I limit how many I am switching between. 3 is the sweet spot for me, less and I get restless, agitated, bored; more and something gets forgotten left undone. With 3 if my attention starts to falter, I have something to switch to, something new to re capture my focus; but I always am aware of the first project and go back to it. More than 3 and I become scattered. Allowing myself to start too many things is how that book, in the shrink wrap happened. If I go back to it now, I will have too many books open. I will finish what is open, then go back to it. My father always had at least 10 projects on the go at any given time. He never finished any of them. They either fell away, pushed out of sight by the next one, or if they were important someone else finished them.

Pick what you need to learn most right now. Focus on that. Finish it, go to the next one later.

As you learn there will be more programs, more books more teachers coming to your attention. And while some will just be a waste of time, most of them will actually be good and useful. They will be hard to resist. You will want to buy their books, participate in their programs. It will be so hard to say no to learning something you need to learn. Don’t worry about it.

When you are ready. When what you are doing, studying reading right now is done; the other or something better will still be there. You, because you finished the first one, will be even more ready to receive the insights the new has to offer.

It does not matter what it is, you will get more out of it, if you wait until you have finished your current lessons.

Now you have my 11 tips. Do you have any others you would like to share? Can you expand on one of the tips here? Leave a comment below. We would all like to hear from you. If you have ideas worth sharing, don’t you think you should?

Below, are links to what Dan Kennedy calls his “Outrageous, Most Incredible,Free Gift Ever (MIFGE)” and which I call, a link to his free ebook
and the other image has a link to let you have access to the Blog Videos of 2 Workshops Dan Kennedy recently conducted where he answered questions about how to PROFIT and PROSPER in the Emerging NEW Economy. Either of these products will give you an idea of the kind of training Dan does, the videos, I believe are without cost or obligation, the book does have shipping and handling costs. They are an inexpensive (or free) way to test out the man, see if he is someone you can learn from.

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