11 Tips on Choosing Your Training for Business and Personal Development-part 1

11 Tips on Choosing Your Training for Business and Personal Development-part 1
Oops, after writing this I realized it was 2500 words. far too long. I didn’t want to cut any of it so I have broken it up into 3 parts

PART 1-Tips 1 to 3

On this website, I have offered programs to help the business person or entrepreneur expand their knowledge, to grow.
I will continue to do so.
Some programs are expensive. Some not so much.
Which will be valuable to you?
In my own search for help I have purchased and participated in programs that were
extremely expensive (over $5,000) and useless (you will not see that one promoted on this site).
Very expensive (just over $2,000) that were worth every penny.
I have tried programs that were cheap ($30 to $200) and while some did have a little bit of value, I never felt I got my monies worth.
And I have tried some that were FREE.
Some free videos and programs and webinars were well worth every minute I spend on them.
I have also wasted time on useless junk. Time is precious and if you are starting a new business you don’t have any to time spare. So even the free stuff should be chosen carefully.
And I have read many , many books.

Tip #1- The Place to start, hands down would be books.

They are relatively inexpensive, contain all the ideas you will ever find in a program.

-Just and aside- skip this paragraph if you like- Recently I have started buying my books for the Kindle. Now that increases the value even more. I love kindle. I have the kindle for the PC. -Free!- but it allows me to purchase the kindle version of books which means instant downloads (no waiting for shipping, and I don’t have to drive into town-from here it is about an hour away to go to a store) They are much cheaper than the paper version. And the best part, one that was an unexpected surprise for me. They are easier to read. I had always been a reader, but the last 5 years or so I have read less and less. It is because I now have tri-focals, getting just the right distance and angle is not always easy. Large print is too large, regular print too small and it is more difficult for me to focus- my eyes, not my mind-. I would fall asleep after reading only a few pages, because it was difficult, tiring and my eyes would just refuse the job and close up. I found with the kindle on PC, I could change the font size to the one easiest on the eyes and choose the colours- sepia,- black on yellow- was so much easier to focus on. Really, the colour change made a world of difference. I can read again. So books on kindle is where I get most of my education!

The problem with books. No feedback. They do not listen to your question far less answer them. They seldom have the step by step instructions of a good on-line program, they cannot answer your questions and you will not feel the energy of a live event, but still they are the best value for your money. If funds are limited. Start with books. And the #1 business book to start with is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I have a well worn paper back on my book shelf, but just recently I purchased the Kindle version for just $0.99. There are also free versions available, I found one on iTunes. (I choose the kindle version because I want to be able to adjust the font size and colour.) I know of several business coaches who read a few pages of this book every day. It does not hurt to be reminded of the basic often.

Tip #2- On-line Programs really can help.

Spending over $2,000 on a program when you are just starting out is not usually a good idea. Usually. Sometimes you do come across an expensive program that is focused on the same challenge that you have right this moment. If they actually address the issue, then even if money is tight, it is worth it.
But sometimes, they are just making promises they cannot or will not keep.

Tip #3- Don’t allow Yourself to be Ripped off

Remember that $5,000 program I mentioned?
It was sold as a program that was dealing precisely with my issue. I was delighted to find it. They covered enough of the topic that I could not charge them with making false claims, it would be difficult to get my money back. But they just skimmed the surface. They did not go deep. If you just read their materials you might think they delivered on their promise, but if you actually tried to apply what they taught you soon found things were missing. The coach (and there was one included in the program) did listen, did respond and when the answers did not work, he would tell you gently “these things take time”. Well they were almost there. But close only counts in horse shoes. This was a total ‘rip-off’. Another program (at $2,000 it was much cheaper, but not cheap) – was of so much more value. It filled in the gaps.
So how do you get value, and not get ripped off?
Here are some ways I have discovered (the hard way, but discovered none the less) are in “part 2”

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