Jeff Olson-Gee, I’m Glad I Did

I found this VIDEO through a Facebook friend. Glad he sent it. This is great.

If you enjoyed this, let me know.

Are you facing a decision right now? Try looking at it with faith and with clarity.

Do you know where you want to go? When faced with any decision that should be the first question. The second, will doing this get me there, or get me a step closer? Sometimes the answer will be no. If it is no, move on, don’t second guess yourself, no regrets. It will work out for some people, that does not make it right for you.

But if the answer is yes, this will help me get where I want to go. GO FOR IT!! Don’t hesitate, Don’t delay. Above all don’t say I am not ready. Most people are never “ready” for opportunities. They dive in and what they need is provided, but they and you need to grab it. Faith that it can be done, combined with all the action you have to give and God takes care of the rest. Yes I said God, if this word bothers you then replace it in your mind with, spirit, creator, source, universe, ‘the force’, law of attraction–in my experience He does not really care what you call Him.  You do your part and He does the rest. It is a fantastic system. Trouble is most people do not believe in God, or they do not believe He can do His part, or they do not believe He will do his part so they do not bother doing their part. They do not do what spirit directs and leads them to do.

Look at that decision again. Does it take you closer to where you want to go? If Yes, Say a prayer, have a vision, dream a dream; then do everything you can do (honestly and with compassion and integrity) to make it happen. And it will.

A little warning, sometimes God takes you there through a back door, through a pathway you did not expect, don’t demand He do things the way you would. Don’t tie His hands. Be open to life and it opportunities.

P.S. in all fairness to Jeff, I thought I should include the link to his website, the link showing on the video did not work (, or but I did find this one:

On a different topic:
If you are interested I am promoting a product. The Trusted Authority Formula will be available soon (October 2011). This is Greg Habstritt’s program. He is doing a series of 3 training videos to show what the program has to offer.Don’t worry, you can see the videos without any obligation. I got a lot from the first 2 and expect good things from # 3.

the first Video is here

It discusses some of the business tactics used by Steven Jobs that we can use ourselves. Included with the video is a brief report (pdf, download)called “The iEffect”

For the 2nd video; the link is here.

I have downloaded the pdf worksheet. Greg says at the beginning of the pdf “If you’re planning to just read or scan this, and put it aside because you think “I’ll do the exercise later” … that’s probably an indicator of why you’re where you are right now.”

So of course I started doing the exercises. The exercise was on what 3 questions should you ask yourself?One of the first things that clicked for me?-paraphrased- “There are the 2 requirements to become the Trusted Authority- have a core competence, and are committed to serving others.”
I will be giving you the link to video 3, and his question and answer video as they become available. So book mark this page. Come back and get the new links. –Don’t worry about being spammed–that’s one reason I am not even asking for your email address here, so you have one less thing to worry about. Greg will ask for an email, but that is just so he has a place to send the video.

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